Sunrise Healing Lodge Society

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Sunrise Healing Lodge Society

AB - Calgary Zone

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Total capacity of this facility: 36
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We are an Indigenous agency that is open to people of all walks of life that are seeking a solution to the problem of addiction. We offer a solution to those suffering in the grips of a chronic, progressive and fatal illness by teaching them how to recreate their lives.

In Calgary, Sunrise is the only addictions treatment centre where Indigenous culture and spirituality are used harmoniously with the 12 Steps pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous for the treatment of addiction.

Sunrise Programs and Services are based on Culture and the 12 steps, including the following:

  • Cultural activities including: Sweats, Pipe Ceremonies, Tipi building and more
  • Enriched healing experience with Aboriginal teachings and Sharing Circles
  • Aboriginal Elders meet with clients individually for spiritual teachings
  • Clients are supported to work all 12 steps while in treatment at Sunrise
  • Educational teachings on resume writing, job skills and social boundaries
  • Zero barrier Outpatient drop-in program
  • Continued recovery through sponsorship in a 12 Step fellowship
  • Continued inclusion in Sunrise through the Alumni Group
  • Guest presentations

Our Teachings at a Glance (Inpatient and Outpatient)

Because our abstinence-based approach is harmonious with Indigenous values and teachings, we have incorporated the use of the Medicine Wheel into all our recovery teachings. Our 70 Day Treatment Program consists of the following sample of group topics:

Pathways to Healing – Week 1

  • Cultural Pathways to Recovery & Aboriginal Sobriety Shield 
  • 12 Steps and 12 Step Fellowships
  • Disease Concept of Addiction
  • How Relationships can Derail Recovery
  • Step 1

Pathways to Healing – Week 2

  • Sponsorship
  • Primary Purpose – Sharing
  • Step 2 and Step 3
  • Boundaries
  • Cultural History

Pathways to Healing – Week 3

  • Step 4 (Step 5,6,7 is to be done by the client with their sponsor)
  • History of the 12 Steps
  • Recovery and Intergenerational Healing
  • Steps 8 & 9
  • Parallels of A.A. and Tradition

Physical – Land

  • A Cultural Home
  • Primary Purpose – Chairing
  • Community Presentation
  • Cultural Games and Skill Development
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Housing Presentations

Emotional – Identity

  • Forgiveness
  • There is a Solution
  • Spiritual Experience
  • Pipe Ceremony
  • Big Book Prayers
  • Bedevilments vs. Promises

Mental – Language

  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Outside Issues and Outside Help
  • Cultural Storytelling
  • Resume Writing and Job Support
  • Intro to Gambling Addiction
  • GA Presentation

Spiritual – Culture

  • Vision Quest
  • Tobacco – Traditional Use
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Improving Spirituality Through Cultural Identity
  • Living Sober

Traditional Pathways

  • Being of Service
  • 12 Traditions
  • Seven Natural Laws
  • A Vision for You

Building on Recovery – Week 1

  • Amends, Truth and Reconciliation
  • Step 10
  • Step 11
  • Practicing the 12 Principles
  • Step 12
  • Working with Others – Passing it On

Building on Recovery – Week 2

  • Aftercare Planning


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