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Oxford House Foundation of Canada provides Multiple housing models for Peer-Supported Recovery Housing. Both Before and after treatment.

Our Peer Supported Pre-Treatment Housing Model is the first of its kind in Alberta. The homes provide a safe place for men and women to stay while preparing for treatment after detox. This model has bridged the gap in the continuum of care by filling the void for those on waitlists for treatment.

Our Entry-Level Homes provide a stable peer-supported environment for those that were chronically Homeless or Institutionalized. This home provides residents to grow at their own pace with multiple resources for employment and education. These residents usually move onto our Transitional homes once employment or education is acquired.

Our other 15 peer-supported transitional homes for men and women provide a safe, sober environment for people to gain the necessary life skills and level of accountability to move forward in their lives. Most of these residents are in school or employed. Some are focusing on recovery and participating in full-time aftercare programs. There is no time limit on how long a person resides in an Oxford House as long as they follow the guidelines and be productive.

Oxford House has also developed a partnership with Poundmakers Lodge to bring the provinces first Peer supported, culturally supported Indigenous Recovery homes in Calgary and Edmonton for men and women.


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