Hope Mission Breakout Recovery Program

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Hope Mission Breakout Recovery Program

AB - Edmonton Zone

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Please refer to application form for admission.
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Hope Mission is a not-for-profit social care agency founded in 1929 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which
exists to serve, strengthen and uplift men, women, youth and children through the life-changing gospel
of Jesus Christ.

Hope Mission Recovery Programs are long term, 12 to 14 month abstinence faith-based program. We emphasize a holistic need for recovery. Our approach includes Biblically based case management/classes, motivational interviewing, trauma informed care, cognitive behavioral techniques, peer mentors and group discussions. Below are services that will be provided for clients are in our care:

  • Living accommodations/basic furnishings and 3 meals and snacks each day
  • Coordination with EI or Income support for program fees
  • Subsidized fitness passes through YMCA
  • Budget assistance
  • On-site health center & psychiatrist
  • Recovery, life skills and Bible classes Monday- Friday
  • Weekly Case Management meetings
  • Common areas, telephone available 8 am– 10pm and television available after class
  • Individual Recovery Goals
  • Medication distribution
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Work service/volunteer planning
  • Daily cleaning duties
  • Opportunity for aftercare housing
  • Local church partnerships
  • Community events: Trips to Brightwood Ranch (when available) and social outings.
  • Adherence to the Client Handbook, subject to change at any time


Below are the terms and conditions to remain in program. If at any time you no longer agree with these conditions, your recovery program and accommodations may be terminated. If you agree, your initials are required next to each statement.

  • Participants must be stable on medications and willing to comply with medication rules
  • Participants must be physically, mentally and psychologically able to participate in gym, classes and group meetings.
  • Participants must be able to wake by 6 AM
  • Participants must be abstaining from drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, sexual relations and romantic relationships (including staff or any members of Hope Missions Recovery Community)
  • Participants must be able to weekly requirements including up to 20 hours a week of work service
  • Participants must agree to random room checks and purchase receipts
  • Participants must participate in random drug and alcohol testing
  • Participants must agree to a curfew or agreed upon curfew and provide a weekly calendar stating where I am going for approval by case manager
  • Participants must be willing to accept personal responsibility for their own recovery and actions
  • Participants must not be suicidal and not harm to themselves or others
  • On medication if receiving hallucinations or paranoia
  • All clients must be clean for 5 days. Detox can be accessed at AADAC/Spady or Hope Mission Shelter
  • A client cannot be on any Benzodiazepines or the sleeping aids Zoplicone (Imovane) and Zoldidem (Ambien)
  • A client understands that it is a long-term recovery program and willing to commit to 12 months of program.

  1. Complete application package(both application forms and medical assessment)
  2. Fax or email application package
  3. Phone Admission Coordinator to set up an interview
  4. Interview
  5. Decision will be made for a participant’s admission

Please email application package(applications and medical assessment) to the correct facility.

Hope Mission Recovery Programs have the right to deny an applicant if there is information that is withheld or false or if they do not fit criteria.


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