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Calgary Dream Centre

AB - Calgary Zone

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Total capacity of this facility: 130
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The Calgary Dream Centre is a faith-based recovery organization that is, fittingly enough, built on a dream. We dream that someday, the city of Calgary will not need us anymore. While that idea is still a ways away, we do believe that our passion for our mission and our strong set of core values have paved the way to make a very real, transformative impact in the lives of hundreds of Calgarians.

Men’s Addictions Program

This seven-week program is designed to be the first step in a man’s path to recovery. Through individual and group counselling, relapse prevention modules, and a variety of other resources, we help men aged 18 and older overcome addiction, increase compassion for themselves, build positive connections, and lay a framework for the life they want to lead. This program includes nutritious meals and accommodations.

Women’s Addiction Program

Thanks to our partnership with several excellent treatment centres, the Calgary Dream Centre is able to offer our Women’s Recovery Program. Through this program, we can support adult women in recovery with safe, supportive, and affordable housing. This recovery program is an excellent choice for women who need additional support after completing a treatment program and before rejoining the community.

Transitional and Community Housing

Housing can be a struggle for those working to overcome homelessness or addiction, regardless of what stage of the journey they’re currently in. We offer stable, affordable, and supportive housing through a variety of programs. Transitional housing offers a short-term place to work on your recovery, and includes basic toiletries, linens, and even meals. Long-term community housing provides the opportunity to live more independently while maintaining some important support to help you move forward with your recovery journey.

Family Support Program

We believe that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual living with addiction; it affects their entire family. ReVisioning is an eight-week online program designed specifically for the loved ones of people struggling with addiction. This course helps you gain an understanding of addiction, set healthy boundaries, process and communicate emotions, and prioritize self-care, which is a crucial part of supporting someone living with addiction.


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