Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women with Addictions

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Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women with Addictions

AB - Calgary Zone

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Total capacity of this facility: 72
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Incorporating curriculum materials by Dr. Stephanie Covington, Aventa provides concurrent capable, trauma informed, gender responsive addiction treatment programs to meet the unique needs of women.

Aventa offers a holistic treatment approach in helping women to overcome their addictions, and lead lives that are addiction free. Healthy women translate to healthy families, and healthy communities. At Aventa, women help women to build resilience so that they may overcome the effects of trauma and addictions.

Aventa provides the following program options:

Aventa gives priority admission for pregnant women, or women who are at risk and require immediate support and stabilization.

The Short Term Program is a seven week intensive live-in program that provides therapeutic individual and group counselling. The program focuses on the following four key areas: sexual, spiritual, relationships and self.

The Long Term Program is a 90 day live-in program for women who have completed Aventa’s Phase II or Young Adult Treatment Program and require additional treatment to support their recovery. The program offers individual and group counselling with a strong educational and skill building component.

Admission Criteria
  • Women 18 years of age and over
  • Must be a resident of Alberta with an Alberta Health Care card
  • Must meet Aventa’s requirement for abstinence. Must have a minimum of 5 days abstinence prior to admission and pass a drug/alcohol screening.
  • A desire and willingness to change
  • Medically stable and able to make an informed decision about participation
  • Ability to participate in group therapy
  • Ability to participate in a live-in environment

Young Adult Treatment (YAT) is a 90 day live-in program for women 18 – 24 years of age. It includes individual and group counselling, a life skills component, and a Family Counsellor for individual and family sessions. The program is a collaboration between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Aventa. Clients must be referred by an AHS Addictions and Mental Health Counsellor via an AHS Addictions Services Office in their community.

Nuts and other allergens are used on site and Clients and Staff may bring in personal snacks, therefore cross contamination may occur. Aventa may not be able to accommodate Clients with severe, life-threatening food allergies.

Women on Methadone, Suboxone, or Naltrexone for opioid dependence are eligible to attend all our programs. Opioid agonist treatment (OAT) with slow-release Kadian doses may be considered for Clients who have not benefited from treatment with first- and second-line treatment options (i.e. buprenorphine/naloxone and methadone).

Pregnancy Program

Our Pregnancy Program provides FASD prevention via low barrier access to addiction treatment programming for pregnant women. The program provides funded priority admission beds to pregnant women seeking addiction treatment at Aventa as well as wrap around services including coordination of prenatal medical care, prenatal psycho-social services, and an integrated Parenting in Recovery Program.

FASD Transitions Program

FASD Transitions Program helps to reduce barriers and improve post-treatment outcomes for women with FASD or suspected of having FASD, who are accessing addiction treatment at Aventa. This program provides funded priority access beds within our Phase II Program.

With the support of our FASD Transition Coordinator, Aventa is able to provide more individualized care to Clients with FASD or are suspected to have FASD. This includes support in pre-treatment, during treatment and for 90 days post-treatment. This additional on-on-one support includes assisting with the coordination of medical, financial, housing or legal appointments, recovery programing and connecting them with other resources for support. This may also include individualizing group content to be more accessible to women with FASD and spending additional time reviewing core concepts.

Clients will gain greater independence and increase their hopefulness by strengthening their relationships with people, communities and/or culture and enhance their well-being and sense of belonging. It can also help to decrease anxiety by providing support in processing information, making decisions, setting up plans and supports, and building on what their interests and needs are, as well as connections to family, community and culture.

Journeys Program

Journeys Program is a joint partnership between Aventa and McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association. Journeys supports women with complex needs who are pregnant and/or parenting, with addiction concerns. The program will provide pre, current and post-treatment care for participants to support their recovery process and focus on creating a plan that identifies sustainable supports and removes barriers that could impact recovery. The goal is to deliver timely, integrated supports to pregnant or parenting women with addictions to reduce risk factors and facilitate a successful transition through recovery by delivering intentional pre and post treatment supports. Participants must be a resident of Calgary or surrounding areas.